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What do Nurses Think About the Job Market?

Of course every healthcare organization is in need of nurses, and those facilities are spending millions on programs and incentives to create a talent pipeline. Many hospitals still have hundreds of vacant RN bedside positions. I thought it might help to look at comments and questions from nurses about the job market, hiring process, and career path.

Good Question. This is going to vary quite a bit depending on your location (even within the US). Many hospitals have specific job postings for new grad RNs, or separate channels for students to apply. Check the hospitals career page thoroughly for more details. Your instructor at nursing school should also have more information or contacts for the hospitals in the area. If you need more help, check out my piece What is happening with my application?

As for hospitals, I wrote a piece Speed and Access part 1 ( for more information.


This is a real shame if the nurse is applying for jobs and not getting a call back. S/he says one thing that prevents me from calling out the hospital recruiting for being awful. That is "[I have been] burnt out working inpatient], which makes me think s/he is not applying for inpatient positions.

If that's the case, they probably have other local and internal applicants, and honestly, non-bedside RN are a very different level of urgency in term of recruitment.

As for inpatient RN positions, your hospital should be breaking down every barrier and making it as easy as possible for a nurse to connect with you, regardless of where the live now. You should be talking to and meeting as many nurses as possible.


This question was asked by a recruiter (not me, I promise!). Good question. The answer seems to be that nurses, just like every other professional, are applying for jobs that are specific and contain relevant information. It still amazes me the awful generic postings for nurse jobs out here. RN NIghts 6 East Whitaker 2A....what the hell does that mean?!

Here's an answer from one individual that sums it up well:


I will be writing a separate piece on salary but suffice to say, hospitals need to due a better job of advertising pay range.

The problem is that the "pay range" and "hiring range" are different. And either range can be misleading if you haven't worked within corporate compensation.

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