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What are Job Applicants Really Thinking?

Your career page is your biggest asset when it comes to recruitment marketing. But, there's a catch. Applicants are dropping off, often you don't even know it because they never start, or never complete their application. In other words, you might not even know they were there! Here are recent Reddit posts that give a great insight into candidate's frustration:

You might be thinking [s/he has a bad attitude, if they really want the job they'll apply, it's our process like it or not]. That's how I used to think, because it's how I was trained. Well friends, we are waaayyyy past that.


The Nautical Group and Oppomed surveyed 1,800 nurses and asked, "Why Didn't You Apply For A Job? (a job post caught your interest but you still didn't apply). 12% of respondents said "Unclear or Unknown Salary Info". Most organizations do not post salary range, if they do, candidates can misunderstand it.

In a follow-up survey, we learned that 72% of candidates would be more likely to apply if they could quickly schedule a call/meeting with the hiring manager and recruiter. OppoMed helps ease this piece of the recruitment puzzle. It takes the pressure off the recruiter to immediately open with salary; and the candidate is more likely to continue.


I know. You might not ask for their full social or license number in the application. But this is extremely indicative of how prospective candidates are feeling about the application. The candidate inputs a ton of information, often duplicated, with absolutely no expectation on the company end. Potential candidates should be able to have a brief conversation for most positions. It's not too much to ask, right?


I'm not sure what happened here but it's clearly not good, or at best, it's a misunderstanding. My hunch is this is one of those web based or app based chat bots; and the recruitment team probably isn't even aware that some candidates are getting this absurd message. With OppoMed, you get a full transcript of the text messages, so you can easily make changes if needed.

Reddit can be tough on just about every profession, including (especially) Talent Acquisition. But I appreciate it because threads like these tell the truth about candidates and the emotional toll of this whole process. We need to keep it simple on the front end, and make the first intro/conversation as easy as possible.



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