How Does It Work? 

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  • What are you hiring for? 

  • Most common are Registered Nurse,  CNA, and Medical Assistant. 


Do you want caniddates to be connected with the recruiter? 

Hiring Manager? 

Both?...we can connect them instantly, or at pre-selected times of your choice.

We Find 

We make it ridiculously easy for people to connect with you. 

No different than if you just stared chatting with someone in your local coffee shop. 


Remember, it's just two people talking.  

The potential candidate is not given any expectation. 

How much can your facility save? 

Oppomed connects you with candidates that have the skills you need. 

Oppomed is like your favorite neighborhood coffee shop. Imagine stopping in for a cup of coffee and overhearing a conversation - it's a Nurse Aide casually talking with a friend about finding a new job. Would you talk to her? You would, if you had time. Sure, they will still need to do an application and go through the hiring process. But think about people you've hired from networking - you can call HR and tell them to pull this application because you already met them...through networking. Or better yet, we will contact HR for you. Just let us know how the meeting went. 

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