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Powerful: Healthcare staffing crisis revealed. Nevada and Texas in TOP 5. Is your state?

No one feels the pain of the healthcare staffing shortage more than Nurses who are responsible for direct patient care. If you are a healthcare professional, you have more reasons than ever to help cure the staffing crisis, and increase the number of nurses, and CNAs on your unit.


The good news is that there are candidates out there who would LOVE to work at your hospital. Maybe they've applied but can't get past HR, or maybe they interviewed two years ago. Regardless, if there is a Nurse or CNA or other clinical professional who lives in your city, it's time to connect with them.

While the staffing shortage is felt through-out the country, the states feeling it the most are:

  1. South Carolina

  2. Nevada

  3. California

  4. Texas

  5. Georgia

Whether you are a hiring manager, HR professional, CNO, or simply a staff member who is ready to help - Oppomed will connect you with great candidates, it's the easiest and most affordable way to solve the staffing crisis.

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Travis Peterson
Travis Peterson

I live in Texas and I can tell you first hand, our nurses are overworked. I know it does not help when things are happening in hospitals where people are left waiting for hours. Many at our local hospital quit in just the last few months. Some quit over vaccine mandates, other because they simply couldn’t deal with the stress of working long hours and being treated so poorly. Things need to change!

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