The ultimate side hustle for healthcare workers. Fix the staffing crisis and make money

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

If you are currently employed at a hospital or healthcare facility, Oppomed is truly the perfect way to make extra cash.

Sign up with Oppomed, and you can:

1) Help FIX the staffing shortage at your facility

2) Help people in your area find a great new job

3) Get PAID!*

You're short staffed again. Your facility is hiring but what's going on? Is no one applying? Maybe people are applying but getting hung up in the long process. Or maybe it's something else. There are a lot reasons why you're short staffed but the best way to FIX this problem is to start meeting more skilled candidates.

*Make sure to consult your organizations referral policy. We'll ask you about it when you sign up and can assist with questions. Most hospitals have a referral bonus structure, but not all.

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