Speed and Access Part 2

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

To reiterate form the last post. When to start connecting with nursing students? Their very first day.

If you can build a relationship early with students, you will build a true pipeline, a funnel, of candidates. And folks, that’s where we are. We are way beyond a quick fix here. We are way beyond sign on bonuses and telling nurses how (y)our hospital is “different”.

When a prospective candidate reaches out you have to quickly (I mean QUICKLY) give them information on pay rate and a timeline. The timeline is really for both parties.

Hurry Up and Wait

I know. You’ve moved fast before and you got burned because your perfect, experienced L&D nurse decided they didn’t think it through, aka they didn’t think they’d get an interview and offer so fast. Hey, it’s ok. What‘s the next though? Why even try to offer them a job?!? they just backed out!! I get it. It’s hard. Of course, that usually doesn’t happen. In reality, like most things in life, you are focusing on the negative results. I won’t tell you to stop doing that because honestly, I do the same thing. I can tell you one thing though, the nursing students and candidates that did come? They don’t care about the ones who backed out or changed their mind.


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