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Partner vs. Vendor

I created OppoMed to help healthcare facilities meet more candidates and provide a frictionless path for those candidates who wish to inquire.

I was recently meeting with a new client who will be using OppoMed very soon. Near the end of our meeting, they said something that really stuck out to me, "we value your partnership, thank you".

This meant the world to me, because my goals with OppoMed have always been team oriented. To be a teammate or a partner, we have to go beyond being another vendor.

Their comment inspired me to add a Values Statement to our website:

At OppoMed, we value relationships with our clients, and aim to be a partner, not another vendor. How do we prove this? For starters, we provide cost-effective and flexible solutions without long-term agreements.

We strive to be available to provide outstanding local customer service. We recognize the recruitment landscape changes rapidly and we continuously work to earn your business.

We want to make sure our solutions make sense for you. We can quickly make changes to your campaigns if something isn't working. We care about helping your hiring team in the same way you care about your staff and patients.

What is the difference between a vendor and a partner?

If you are interested in learning more or would like a demo, we take pride in making each step as clear, simple, and meaningful as possible.



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