Oppomed & Oppohire

I created this site to help nurses and healthcare professionals connect with jobs as easily and as quickly as possible. It's simple concept, but deceptively difficult due to the many barriers between a candidate and their first day of a new job. This is why I've referred to the site(s) as "projects". I originally built this with the idea that "those impacted the most by the staffing crisis can help fix it". And I still believe that to be a powerful tool that oppomed can provide.

As this project has evolved, I've come to understand another issue that oppomed & oppohire can help fix. In healthcare, whether a recruiter, nurse, or manager, we won't get anywhere with the staffing crisis until we TALK TO MORE NURSES. The forms I've built on oppohire have been proven to connect more nurses to hospitals; and greatly increase the number of nurses hired.

I will continue to focus on the long term strategy of Oppomed, but in the mean time, the quick connect, progressive, mobile-friendly forms of Oppohire are delivering results Right Now.

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