Oppomed - Make an Immediate Impact on the Staffing Crisis

Updated: Sep 8

72% of Registered Nurses are more likely to inquire about a new job if they can quickly schedule a call with the recruiter or hiring manager.*

It's difficult to predict how any 1 candidate will want to start their job search. Maybe they are just starting to look, and put out feelers; or maybe, they've already relocated to your area and are ready to get to work. Oppomed makes it easy for candidates to get connected with your hospital. Through text message, email, direct link, social media, or your hospital's career page, candidates can access your custom quick connect form.

Staffing agencies will charge $5,000 - $20,000 per hire.

This is not sustainable for any hospital. Oppomed costs a fraction of this and there is no cap on results.

Does your facility offer a referral bonus?

With Oppomed, those affected the most can now help fix the staffing crisis. Your team members can share this form on their own social media, and personal network, and have a stake in filling positions at their facility.

Oppomed forms are completely customized

The hiring manager waits and waits for nurses and CNAs....those 3 or 4 days between their application and HR routing them often means the difference between a hire and a miss. With Oppomed, every candidates can initially route directly to a hiring manager, it's just like meeting them at a job fair or a random encounter at a coffee shop. Start with the connection, start with the conversation, and before anything is official, the candidate will be notified to complete a formal application.


*based on a national survey of 1,800 nurses.

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