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Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Welcome to Oppomed. I created this site with one goal in mind, solving the healthcare staffing crisis. I've worked in healthcare recruiting for nearly 15 years, and have hired more than 5,000 people. Many of them were nurses, CNAs, techs, and other direct patient care professionals. I've also hired many in leadership positions, managers, directors, up to VP & CNO level. While the leadership positions are critical to any operation, the level of attention is almost always stronger on staff-level positions.

I've used unconventional methods when it comes to recruiting. This is because I look at the goal of the job from two angles. 1) The strategic side, finding candidates and getting them to an interview 2) The operational side - Offers, Onboarding, etc. Oppomed is part of the strategic side. The simple reality is that hiring managers need to meet more people with in-demand skills. I have seen first hand that simply by increasing the number of CNAs a hiring manager meets with, the team quickly grows, and a small part of the staffing crisis is averted.

Who can use Oppomed?

1) Hiring Managers who want to meet more potential staff

2) HR & Talent Acquisition, when you're ready to help your customers meet more potential staff.

3) Individual staff members who want to earn referral bonuses and help staff their units.

4) And of course, Oppomed is for all healthcare professionals who want to connect with others in their industry.

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