Easy Affordable way to find great nurses for your hospital

With Oppomed, those who feel it the most can help cure the staffing crisis at our nation's hospitals. Oppomed is a unique, affordable, and engaging way to connect with great candidates.

Many healthcare workers, especially nurses and CNAs, are seeing a growing shortage - shifts are harder, patients are sicker, and expectations are higher.

Your hospital has positions posted, but you don't seem to be filling them. Why?

More importantly, how can you help?

Let's say you are a nurse or nurse aide (CNA), and you happened to meet a CNA at your local coffee shop. They see your badge and inquire about jobs at your hospital. You certainly need the help, so you chat with them about your unit. But wait?

What are the odds of actually running into a CNA who happens to be looking for a new job? And during the 10 minutes you stopped? Probably not very good. And that's where Oppomed comes in. It's easy as 1-2-3....

Once you sign up with Oppomed, you simply

1. Tell us the type of candidate you want to meet with (CNA and RN are most common).

2. Provide three 15-minute times during the week that you are typically available.

3. We'll arrange virtual meetings for you 1:1 with qualified candidates.

BONUS Many organizations offer a referral bonus for eligible employees. Oppomed is not only a great way to staff your unit, but also can be a way to earn extra money.*

If you like the prospective candidate, let us know, and we'll make sure to give them the instructions to apply online. If you're a staff member, you can simply let your manager know the name of the candidate, and they'll make sure HR routes their application. Or, you're a Hiring Manager, simply contact your in-house recruiter, and provide the name of the candidate.

Remember, this is no different than if you happened to meet this person at your local coffee shop. Or better yet, what if your friend told you their spouse was a CNA looking for a new job? You would be glad to chat with them!

Oppomed isn't rocket science, it's not AI, or some million dollar enterprise system. We simply connect you with great people.

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