Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Oppomed?
Simply put, it’s like a 24 hour career fair where you can casually connect with people who might be a good fit for your job & organization. We simply help by assuring you both happen to be in the place at the same time.


What’s it for?

Oppomed helps you connect with entry-level and staff-level professionals. Most commonly CNAs, Patient Care Techs, Phlebotomists, and Registered Nurses. If you’re looking for a new VP of Finance (for example), we’ll refer you to another company. ​

How does it work?
After you sign up as a hiring manager, you’ll be asked for your preferred times during the week that we can have potential candidates meet you. We will reach out to potential candidates that have the skills you’re looking for and connect them with you in the Oppocafe! Just like if you both happened to be at the local coffee shop and started chatting.


Is it a Staffing company?
No. We don’t hire anyone. We don’t charge if you hire someone that you connected with on Oppomed.


Is it a Sourcing company?
We do source talent. But a sourcing specialist sends potential candidates to a recruiter, and then usually nothing happens. Because the recruiter isn't going to do anything until that prospect formally applies. And even then, many times, nothing happens.


How much is it?
It's a fraction of the cost of a staffing company. See Pricing/Plans page for more information. 

How much do you charge per hire made from a connection on Oppomed?
Nothing. Zero. We actually want to help with the staffing crisis.

What about HR? Does this circumvent our standard hiring process?
No, this is literally no different than if you were chatting with someone in a coffee shop and learned they were a nurse looking for a new job; you’d talk with them and tell them to do an application. Then you’d call your HR person and ask them to check for the application

Do individuals see my name or information?
No, they will only know the name of the company/hospital/organization where you work.

What if I get a meeting with someone I already know & do not want to meet them?
The hiring manager can decline any meeting, no questions asked.

What if I meet the person but don’t think they’d be a good fit?
You don’t have to do anything. This isn’t an interview, so there’s no paperwork to complete or justification needed.