How to Get Started:

1. Sign up and select the Referrals Plan

2. After you sign - up, you'll receive an email from us to gather information about your hospital and the people you want to meet with.

For example, if you are a nurse and want to help find CNAs for your unit, we will arrange two 15-minute calls per month with prospective candidates. If they get hired at your hospital, you can be eligible for a referral bonus*. 

If you are currently employed as a healthcare professional, you can earn a referral bonus simply by giving the name of a potential candidate to HR*. 
  • Help Staff your Facility
  • Earn Extra Money
  • Help people in your community find their next job
What are you waiting for? 

You could help solve your facilities' staffing issues and earn extra money and help someone find a job. That is the best example of "win-win" there is! Imagine simply running into another nurse or CNA while you're grabbing a cup of coffee. You chat with them for a few minutes, and tell them where to apply. They can enter your name on the application as "who referred them" and/or you can contact HR to make sure they know who referred the candidate. Work with your manager to ensure you receive payment and credit for the new hire. 

*Make sure to consult your organizations referral policy. We'll ask you about it when you sign up and can assist with questions. Most hospitals have a referral bonus structure, but not all. 

**Cedars Sanai is currently advertising a $5,000 bonus for example. 

  • Most hospitals have referral bonuses for all positions!
  • Bonus for an RN is typically $1,000 - $5,000**
It's time to take advantage.