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  1. Personalized Candidate Experience

  2. 24/7 Text Recruiting 

  3. Catch up to 3x more nurses*

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Would more likely apply for a job if they could quickly speak with the hiring manager and recruiter.




If you want to hire more nurses, you need to meet more nurses* . OppoMed catches candidates during the few seconds they browse your website. 

*and other healthcare professionals

Fast. Frictionless connection with prospective candidates.

Great candidates are visiting your career page, but you never meet them because they don't apply for a job. Swiftext recruiting changes that. It allows you to engage with potential candidates 24/7. Try it out. 

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In experienced RNs hired 


Oppomed Delivers

Much like an in-person career event, Oppomed brings people out of the woodwork. You'll be able to catch the nurse browsing your career page at 4am. Stop missing out on great candidates.