1. Personalized Candidate Experience

  2. 24/7 Text Recruiting 

  3. Catch up to 3x more nurses*

Would more likely apply for a job if they could quickly speak with the hiring manager and recruiter.




If you want to hire more nurses, you need to meet more nurses* . Oppomed catches candidates during the few seconds they browse your website. 

*and other healthcare professionals

How Oppomed Can Help

1. Mobile first, true text recruiting. Automated, customized. This is NOT a web based chat bot. Oppomed technology enables your prospective candidates to text 24/7 from their phone and engage with your hiring team. Try it now

Fast. Frictionless connection with prospective candidates.

Great candidates are visiting your career page, but you never meet them because they don't apply for a job. Swiftext recruiting changes that. It allows you to engage with potential candidates 24/7. Try it out. 

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In experienced RNs hired 


Oppomed Delivers

Much like an in-person career event, Oppomed brings people out of the woodwork. You'll be able to catch the nurse browsing your career page at 4am. Stop missing out on great candidates. 

Oppomed Testimonial

Oppomed Testimonial

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3 levels of engagement

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Level 1
Full workflow from initial candidate text, through booking the interview. Includes custom video introduction from your hiring manager (or scripted actor) and more.
Level 2
Candidate can automatically schedule a call with a recruiter or representative of your choice. 
Level 3
Catch-all. Capture candidate interest and contact info. Candidate is instructed to apply online. 


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Oppomed tools are a small change that has a huge impact. Use our savings calculator to see just how much your facility can save.