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hire more nurses
and other healthcare professionals!

We consult on-site and virtually with your team:

  • White-Label text message recruiting for your healthcare facility. 

  • Candidates engage directly with your brand. 

  • Nurses and other candidates can self-schedule with your hiring team. 

  • Remove barriers and meet candidates where they are.


Working With the Best

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How we help.


implement and accelerate

Hospitals and healthcare facilities who aren't seeing the results they need from your sms recruitment marketing - we meet with your team onsite and virtually to advise and make recommendations to improve candidate experience. We can also help you implement text recruiting if it's a new tool for you.


build and manage

Text message/sms workflows are complicated, long, and often require daily maintenance. Building them from scratch is incredibly tedious and involves thousands of steps. We can build and maintain your sms recruitment workflows.  


integrate and automate

We make sure your text recruiting is the most effective. We can integrate with your other tools so that each candidate is automatically routed to the correct manager or recruiter. And, we ensure that all relevant candidate info is included in one page. 

OppoMed is a strategic partner of the North Carolina Healthcare Association

NCHA partners undergo a strategic vetting process to ensure they provide the right products and services needed to respond to the changing healthcare landscape. The endorsed companies listed here have passed the association's highest standards for quality and service.

You are

A leader at a healthcare facility. 

You're tired of being short staffed.

Hiring more travelers is not an option. 


You aren't seeing enough applications from Nurses and other healthcare professionals.


Did you know?

The average visit to a hospital's career page is only about 2 minutes?


Around 50% of those people on your career page take NO action.

In other words...You are missing out on thousands of prospective candidates!


OppoMed helps you engage with candidates in seconds.

RN applicants (and others) can schedule an interview in just a couple minutes. 

Fully customized workflows for your hospital. 

Would more likely apply for a job if they could quickly speak with the hiring manager and recruiter.


If you want to hire more nurses, you need to meet more nurses*. OppoMed helps catch candidates during the few seconds they browse your website. 

*and other healthcare professionals

Fast. Frictionless connection with prospective candidates.

Great candidates are visiting your career page, but you never meet them because they don't apply for a job. OppoMed helps you engage with potential candidates 24/7.

Try it out. 

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