Oppomed - Let's Solve the Healthcare Staffing Crisis Together. 

How Oppomed Can Help

1. Mobile first, true text recruiting. Automated, customized. This is NOT a web form chat bot. Oppomed technology enables your prospective candidates to text 24/7 from their phone and engage with your hiring team. 

What's Special about Oppomed


What if you could meet a CNA while grabbing a cup of coffee? You would chat with them, they'd become a candidate, and you would have a much easier time staffing your unit. But why just CNAs? You can meet nurses, phlebotomists, medical assistants, and anyone who has the skills you need the most. And you don't pay a dime if you make a hire. We simply help you connect with great people. 


There are job boards, there are networking sites, and then there is Oppomed. 

The way most job boards work, you go online and fill out lengthy application. You become a number, another unremarkable resume, more lines of text, and probably forgotten about. With Oppomed, it's faster because you'll meet the hiring manager before you even formally apply. No more waiting for a phone call, or wondering if anyone ever even looked at your application.